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    Any ideas for my animation


      Hi i have been making an animation and it's almost done bUt i feel like it's missing something... please reply with any ideas.


      Dropbox - Awesomefixed.mp4

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, to be blunt, there's nothing "awesome" about it. All I'm looking at is a bunch of overlapping geometric primitives with barely any movement, no discernible effort at proper lighting, a slapped on color shift effect and to boot, there are errors because the circle arrangement is not perfect and looks iffy. Sorry, but this is a "back to the drawing board" situation. The whole design concept is just seriously lacking. Start by using less geometry and then work on making it recognizable as being in 3D as well as adding variations to the individual clones. Likewise, the movement would look much more interesting if it was rippling through the ring instead of being in unison. The same would be true for the color changes, which also could use better saturation (unless, of course, they are supposed to be pastels). Again, this is not a technical problem of "how can I fix my errors", it's more rudimentary than that. It just has no feeling of being "alive" at all.