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    contact form not sending Email.

    mahnazs61698102 Level 1

      I use simple contact form widgets and upload contact form on my free host but i can't receive email. i think have problem in .php code in process_form function!
      I can't solve this issue.


      i cheek this notice in help

          1. Check your email Inbox spam folder. Mark the form messages as non-spam.

          2. Some hosting providers refuse to send mail to an email address on a different site's domain. For example, if your website is www.example.com, but your form is configured to send email to someone@email.com, your web host provider may refuse to send the email generated by the Form widget.


        1. Update your form to send email messages to someone@example.com. This change may resolve the issue and allow the messages to go through.
        2. If you're hosting is GoDaddy and you're form e-mail address is to a non-GoDaddy e-mail account, you'll need to enable "remote" mail in cPanel. (A similar change may be required on other hosting providers.)
          1. Navigate to your cPanel on GoDaddy.  This is where you manage your web hosting.
          2. On the main cPanel page, scroll down to where it says ":::Email"
          3. Click on "MX entry" which is located right below "Accounts".  This is the Mail Exchanger setting.  By Default, GoDaddy assumes you will be using a GoDaddy email account.
          4. Make sure that "Remote Mail Exchanger" is turned on.