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    Lightroom Crash at launch


      In the last two days lightroom doesn't work. Every opening is a crash!! I've Tried to uninstall and reinstall several times but anything work, always the same problem, Lightroom can't create Lightroom folder in Library\applicationsupport\adobe.. What happened ??..this the report:


      Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 14.10.30.png

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          This has started happening to me too when I click IMPORT it crashes. Done it 6 times now in last 15 minutes.


          And maybe since I updated Photoshop to CC 2017  ????? yesterday.

          I did close LR while PS was updated.

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            eyeLINEphotography Level 1

            I contacted Adobe on the Chat line. They took control of my machine. By this time I had uninstalled PS CC2017 and restarted my iMac. The tech went through various menus and we reloaded PS 2017 and successfully uploaded images to LR.

            At the same time as the crash problem I also have had a problem with the bottom strip menu of images overlapping the main screen and side menus. While dealing with this not only did PS and LR shutdown unexpectedly, so did the remote control link, loosing contact with the Tech. On going back to the chat I got another tech who deleted the preference plist for LR and that reset the positions of the  parts of the screen


            Hope this is all helpful


            iMac Sierra and using CC versions of LR & PS.