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    Streaming Settings Syphon etc. - please help with more detail…

    El Wombat Level 2

      Hi everyone,


      thank you for the information on live streaming available in the tutorials. (Please make one tutorial only for that…)


      Please can anyone help me with this: I CAN already stream live into my youtube channel via


      ChAn --> Syphon (AE plugin in the AE-plugins folder) --> OBS --> Youtube.



      BUT I'm afraid there is hardly any movement for the framerate seems to be too low.


      PLEASE can you tell more about the settings of whatever application involved?





      These are the 4 tutorials in which - as far as I know - live streaming is being dealt with:


      1. Making Your First Character (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial) - YouTube  (Live Animation)


      2. Character Animator Tips & Tricks (August 2016) - YouTube  (Twitch Streaming)


      3. Character Animator Live - Episode 3: Dude, Ramirez, Italo & Boney - YouTube (Streaming a Live Cartoon)


      4. Character Animator Tips & Tricks (September 2016) - YouTube (Multiple Puppets - Live via Syphon)


      The Links should lead to the specific part of the video (named in parenthesis on the right).

      I've watched all of them and read the help file on the adobe website but I don't know how to improve the streaming just yet…


      Thank you…