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    Dragging compositions to Media Encoder suddenly matches preview size instead of comp size


      When I have to render multiple compositions, I drag these from my project manager straight into Media Encoder. Used to be a great timesaving function. Having my render presets set to 'match source' makes it easy to render out variously sized comps (720p, 1080p, UHD, etc) with one simple click.


      As of CC 2017 though, 'match source' suddenly seems to mean 'match preview window zoom size'. Resulting in unwanted 960 x 480 renders, for example. A completely ridiculous change, in my humble opinion. This means having to go through all my comps and set my preview on 'full', before dragging them to the media encoder. A very, very time consuming issue.


      Is there somewhere I can turn this off, or put it back to the 2015 settings? This is horrible, please fix asap.


      Thanks in advance for your reply,