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    Adobe 2017 Premiere After Effects BUG h265 and other


      All bugs that I see are on win 7 64bit. with projects containing H264, H265, MTS files 4K and 1080p

      Also found Adobe AE bug with Media encoder youtube.com/watch?v=pFldAy , also somehow Twixter pro uses only 10% cpu not even full one core, also not matter how I try try it took 20sec video to 2 hours to slow for me =(


      AE 2015, wrap stabilizer 4k h265 most of the time has no problems slow but works, sometimes dos show black frame after ,AE 2017 practically all time if the file is longer then 1:30 min it shows black window no footage sound plays normal you hear but see only black frame this have tested 5 times with 4k 264 files , 4k H265 has more problems, but main issue is that it shows black frame but it also eats 80gb from my C drive, 2015.4 dos the same file showing stabilized frame and doesn't eat 80gb for  1.5-3.4 min clip. Also AE 2017 says your scratch disk is set to operation system drive and is to small for scratch disc, 2015.4 doesn't say anything and did not consume any space of my C drive,.


      Also importing old  project from 2015.4 in to 2017 sometimes load sometime not just stops after importing or on the last files that being recashed. Just says premiere stop responding. Some 2015.4 projects load crash, load crash, but from 2-3 time they load and work like nothing.

      There is still problem I have opened  2015.4 project with h265 files, seem to work no memory leak, stays 40-60% of ram, but all Ae compositions in that projectare minimized to 50% of original size, so I had to make them 200% they fill 1080p dimension.


      Or just says error could not create preview also happen 2 times this is most of time when go from Pr to AE to change something then open Pr back to see the changes.


      Saw memory problem when working with both Pr and AE opened,  says your computer is running out off memory  I checked was 48% used  from 32GB, asked to close Pr.


      Hope it helps and the bugs will be fixed, I had very much problems importing h265 files  had to reinstall Pr second time because it was saying generic error, or file nut supporting even after h265 supporting files were downloaded Pr was saying that in the same time when Ae was importing H265 files no problem playes sound also, Pr now but from second time it finally imported . It seams for me that Pr 2015.4 had memory leak now Ae has something .