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    what about AE in new catalyst??

    Ayaans father
      it will be really great to get into a new generation interactive product from adobe.!
      iam perfect in photoshop, illustrator, after effects, audition & premier but iam medium in flash and dream weaver and other webbby products coz of codes and stuffs..!!

      i would really be so happy to get the flash catalyst bcoz i was waiting for a product like this for designers.!!
      i prefer if catalyst would be supporting files from ae !! coz ae is really great and simple prodcut for performing great animations.!!if it will suport AE then i could now make small interactive webpages or apps with cool animations and hot effects.!! really adobe is great...

      will anyone suport with me??? that is AE in catalyst?? coz i could send files from ae to swf so i think catylst will support media and video files too.!!
        • 1. what about AE in new catalyst??
          pyrografix Level 1
          The big difference between After Effects and Flash, is that After Effect's animation is rendered out before anyone sees it. Meaning all the cool animation is baked right in. Flash, on the other hand, needs to respond to user interaction and any other crazy events. It renders as you view it.

          This means a lot of the really cool After Effects animations, cannot take place in Flash, because most people's machines cannot handle it.

          That said... Pixel Bender offers the ability to write new After Effects, Photoshop, and Flash filters. The only difference, is that you will still be at the whim of the user's crappy machine. Meaning, the filters written for Flash are not as advanced as After Effects or Photoshop. And you will have to use your discretion when using them, because the user could have a very serious lag when they visit your site!

          It would be a great add-on to allow Pixel Bender effects in Flash Catalyst!
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            ryanstewartadobe Adobe Employee
            @Ayanns father, We'll have some video support in Flash Catalyst, but it won't support any kind of official workfow with After Effects in this version. And eventually you'll be able to use pixel bender effects in Catalyst just like you can with AE and Photoshop but that won't make it into 1.0. To use them you'd have to switch over to Flex builder and add them to the project that way.