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    Lightroom 5 - Win10 - reset?

    Maximilian Woyda

      Hello Community and Adobe-Team,


      my pc:

      Intel i5 6500

      Radeon r9 390

      16gb RAM

      Transcend SSD

      Seagate HDD

      Windows 10,

      LR 5 (latest version) (i bought LR with my Canon 6D (bundle))

      no other Adobe Producs, except adobe reader and flashplayer

      LR installed on my SSD, my RAW-Files are on my HDD


      my problem:
      yesterday, everything worked fine. I started LR 5 today and now, its not starting like all the other days.

      LR asked for my region, licencse key and contact informations.

      I filled out the region information (Germany),

      at the license-code-window, the code was already in there (with stars), so i cliked "next".
      I didnt filled the contact-informations and clicked "finish" or "next"

      and now, all datas and editings are deleted, my catalog was empty.


      i have not updated anything on my pc. no new drivers, no new programms or apps, nothing. But Lightroom "changed".


      Why and How? Can someone explain this to me?


      P.S. my presets are all there and ready to  use.




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          dj_paige Level 10

          You need to open the proper catalog file that contains all of your work.


          Go to File->Open Recent and select each catalog shown there until you find the catalog you want.


          if that doesn't work, use your operating system's search feature to find all files whose name ends with .LRCAT and then double-click on each one to open it in Lightroom.