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    Metadata to file


      Hi to all

      I have been updating the metadata of all my photos with all kind of information.  one part is adding the "Sub Location", "City", "State", "Country", "GPS" and more.  When i was done i did "Save metadata to file" and when it was done i checked in File Explorer by doing a search for a City then by State and nothing showed up.


      So my question is

      1. The metadata in the "Location" area of input is not saved to the file?

      2. If not what am I doing wrong.  FYI all my photos are .jpg

      3. If yes to the 1st question, what would you suggest for me to do so the file has the information.



      I thank you in advance for any support/sugestion

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Are you filling in City, State, etc. by having LR provide address suggestions based on the GPS field or based on where you place the photo on the map?  If so, those address suggestions will appear in grey font (Mac) or italic font (Windows) and don't get saved to the file by Save Metadata To File.  See here for more details about this design misfeature and how to work around it: Re: does lightroom cc 6 save location city , state... ? where?

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            tewany Level 1


            thank you for the response and the link.  That was helpful.  Yes i did make sure the information was not just the suggestions.

            And after reading the link it is interesting that lightroom does not have the future to do so.


            Again thank you

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              tewany Level 1

              Well one more thing.  from reading it the plugins do not save to the file the location information or am i miss reading it?

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                If you use the Gecoding Support plugin to provide address suggestions, they will be added to the location fields and will be saved to the file when you do Metadata > Save To File.


                The Any Tag's Commit command will "commit" LR's address suggestions, turning the font from grey or italic to normal.  At that point, Metadata > Save To File will save the location fields back to the file.

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                  tewany Level 1

                  Again thank you.

                  So after your post i did it with Any Tag's and still was not able to do a search based on city in file explorer.  but then i want to see and put the file exiftool(-k) and the metadata show as been saved to the file.


                  Beside what you helped me today, which is i am total appreciative of it, file explorer does a bad job searching metadata.