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    Deactivating devices remotely not available to me


      Hi the option to deactivate devices from your adobe account page is not available for me. Is there a similar way where I can do this? I find it quite troublesome if I have more than two computers cause I have to sign out from the actual computer if I want to use my programs on a third computer.


      Activated Devices new.jpg


      Taken from Sign in and sign out to activate or deactivate Creative Cloud apps



      Screen look different? In countries served by Digital River, Adobe's e-commerce partner, the Manage plan page looks different and has different options available. After you click Manage plan, if you don't see an Activated devices section, use one of the other methods described above to sign out of your Creative Cloud apps.


      I live in Singapore. Does that means that deactivating devices remotely is not available to me in my country?

      (it will suck if it available only in some countries cause this method is so convenient.)