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    CFADMIN Archived log file name change issue

    Christopher Simmons_989 Level 1

      We recently upgraded from ColdFusion 10 to ColdFusion 2016.  There appears to have been a change (either in CF 11 or CF 2016) to what the log files are named when you archive them in CFADMIN.


      CF10 archived log name: logfilename.log.1

      CF 2016 archived log name: logfilename.1.log


      This name change is annoying because now the archived log files show up in the CFADMIN Log File list (I assume because it is just displaying all *.log files).  If I manually rename one to the old format it does not show up.  Is there a setting/configuration somewhere to control how CFADMIN names these (perhaps to revert to the CF 10 naming)?