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    Shoot Collection Processing Structure


      I'm moving over to Lightroom from another application and am trying to figure out a smooth, efficient workflow for managing shoots. I had in mind that I would import each shoot into a structure something like this:


      + Shoot Name (Collection set)

         - Captures (Collection - all files imported)

         - Rejects (Collection - rejected files moved to here)

         - Processed (Smart collection - Adjustments applied or is a TIFF/PSD)

         - Finals (Smart collection - based on star rating or similar)


      For workflow efficiency, I would just duplicate this collection set each time I need to work with a new shoot, and I'd be quickly on my way with no structure changes needed.


      However, it seems that I cannot easily have a Smart Collection that looks only within the parent Collection.


      Can anyone suggest an alternative method for doing this, or correct me if I'm missing something?


      I realize I could probably achieve something kind of similar using flags and colors, but that doesn't seem intuitive to me (remembering arbitrary color codes, etc) and I'm used to and like project organization like this.


      Any ideas appreciated!