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    Lightroom 6 stops responding!


      I've had lightroom 5 for about a year. Two days ago I downloaded Lightroom 6 and every single time I'm working in it, it crashes--just stops responding. Have to shut it down to get it working. The more I read about this, the worse I'm feeling for spending the money on this.  I am not that computer savey so I would need help, maybe remotely???  Any ideas would be helpful.

      Thank you

      Barb Bestone

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          I really need help on this too! I have a brand new Mac computer so the computer isn't the problem and just installed Lightroom 6 on it. It's been fine but then tonight has frozen/crashed 4 times while using Lightroom 6. The only thing that works is me turning off the computer and restarting.  I use Lightroom as a job and desperately need it to get work done!