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    Add Colors from clr file not working properly


      Hi, I have the latest version of Animate CC installed running on a 2015 MacBook Pro 15. I have a character that I have been working on in different files and have saved our the colour palette for him to an Animate colour file (clr). But when I follow the instructions in the documentation to add this colour file to a new document nothing happens except the default palette just opens. I have made sure my character palette is selected when I go to save colors but all that seems to be saving is the default colour palette.

      The only way I been able to get the colours I need loaded is to add them to the default palette and then save this to a file then replace it at the other end and drag them into a new palette.

      Am I missing something here? I thought I should be able to save a palette other than the default palette.


      Any help would be appreciated.