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    AE CC 2017 - BIG Bug interpreting the FPS of the sequence of images

    albgel Level 1

      Hi everybody,
      There's a big bug in the timeline that need to be solved really urgently: it doesn't remember the correct fps interpretation for a sequence of images.

      Just to explain step by step
      - create a timeline at 25 fps

      - import a sequence of images (like a timelapse)

      - by default, it assumes 30 fps for the sequence

      - change the interpretation to 25 fps: the timeline refreshes immediately

      - SAVE THE PROJECT and you'll immediately see that the timeline refreshes the footage interpretation to 30 fps. Also in the project panel, selecting the sequence, you'll see 30 fps instead of 25

      - (you can also select "remember interpretation" option, under Interpret Footage Menu, but nothing change.)


      - The bug doesn't annoy the footages (at least.. until now!!!!!)

      Hope to be solved really quickly.

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