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    Unable to browse Lightroom's library module during export.


      Hi there,


      It seems that during export, the library module will not let me browse through the other folders. It just keeps pushing my view to the folder where I am exporting to.


      Can anyone help?





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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          You would choose the photos to export by selecting them in a folder before opening the 'Export' module.

          If you want to gather photos from several library folders, you can do it two ways-

          1. Add the photos from any folders to a collection and export from there. Key-press 'B' will place selected photos in the "Target" collection.

          2. Select multiple folders in the Folder panel- Hold Ctrl/Cmd as you click each folder to select them, then select photos to export.


          If you are in the Export dialog- the destination folder is either 'Fixed' as per the "Export Location" panel, unless you have set -

          [Export too:  Choose folder later (useful for presets)]