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    Error - there is an error in XML document (20,2)

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      I am new to Phonegap and built a very simple web site of two pages.

      Using the phonegapp desktop app on my pc to serve, I can access with no problems on Android and Windows 8.1 phones using the mobile phonegap app.


      In phonegap build, I can also install it on the Android phone by scanning the qr code created when built.


      However, on the WIndows Phone, I can download, but when I run it, I get "can't install company app".

      I then downloaded the appx from PhoneGap Build using the 'install' option and then used AppDeploy on the pc to deploy to the phone via USB cable but this gives me the error

      Error - There is an error in XML document (20,2).


      Can anyone suggest a solution? I assume it is possible to test apps on a Windows phone without publishing the app to the app store?





      Further research suggests the error is because I didn't use a signing key. I then found my Windows Phone Publisher ID on Windows Dev Center and added that to PhoneGap Build signing keys but that isn't available in the drop down in Build for this app. Is this because WIndows Phone 8.1 has been replaced by Windows 10 and I need to create a pfx?


      In other words, can PhoneGap Build in the cloud build for WIndows 8.1 phones, and what do I need to do to test?