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    A list of all Indesign functions ?

    linusr31378619 Level 1



      Today i realized how helpful it would be to have a list of all functions Indesign has to offer, so f.e. I dont remember where to find a specific option in which case i browse the menus or worse the internet just to find out in what menu its buried - often to realize it doesnt do what i want.


      So i thought there must be some kind of text file that has all the functions listed and i could browse through it crtl+f to get to an option quicker, or even directly edit the shortcut to the specific function?


      Did anyone come across this problem / found a way of doing this / would find it helpful?


      Perfect would be a script to have a little window in Indesign that just does a text-based search of the all menus/operations and presents you the desired option, to quickly click on it.

      would that be doable somehow?


      I would make learning Indesign so much easier, everyone could just think of what it is they want to do and search for it, thousands of hours of research and tutorials saved.


      generally i wonder about the lack of text-based searches everywhere , one like to program "everthing" does.