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    Converting handwriting from PDF to Word- substitution of incorrect symbols




      I need to transfer a large number of forms from PDF to Word because that's the only format I'm able to submit it in. The forms are filled in with handwriting. I do NOT need to edit the handwriting.


      I'm finding that the conversions have accepted some handwriting, and just had it as a sort of image, not altering it from the handwritten form at all. This is great.


      However, the program tries to convert some handwriting, and ends up substituting a load of random symbols or letters.


      I wondered if anyone knows of a way to tell the converter to just...chill out, and do ALL of the handwriting as uneditable.


      To be frank, the whole document could be a massive image and that works, as long as it's saved as a Word document. (ffs..)


      Thanks to anyone who can help.