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    Prevent photos in Mobile from being changed

    Cumulocubus Level 1

      Hi all,



      While browsing in Lightroom Mobile, it's easy to accidentally change flag states by sweeping too much up or down.


      I have my own way to avoid these unintend edits:


      The pictures for a synced collection are first stored in a not-synced collection. Let's call this not-synced collection the 'original collection'. Then I select all pictures and make a new collection from them by making virtual copies. This is the collection that is synced with Mobile. Let's call it the 'synced collection'. If something changes to a picture in the synced collection, the picture in the original selection remains unchanged.


      If I suspect things have been changed in a synced collection (by people viewing the pictures on my phone for instance), I remove the synced collection and make a new synced collection starting from the original collection.


      This procedure has a few disadvantages.

      • Rebuilding the synced collection means slow syncing starts all over again.
      • If you make some (intended) edits to a master photo and you want them in the synced collection too, you have to copy the changes to the virtual copies in the synced collection.
      • If I want to add a picture to a synced collection, I first add it to the original collection, then I make a virtual copy and move the copy to the synced collection.
      • If a picture is in three synced collections, there are three virtual copies for the same picture.
      • It's a lot of overhead


      Being able to lock the pictures in some way in Mobile would make life so much easier. Is it possible?


      Does anyone has similar problems and/or solutions?