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    How can I accomplish money transaction over Muse?


      If someone has experience with online store management and online money transaction that would be very helpful. I'm trying to create a platform that will connect the customer and the seller. I don't want the money transaction (purchase) to pass over my bank account, and I don't want to take any fees over it, I just want the money to pass to the sellers account directly. In other words I want a one button system that will redirect the customer to pay directly to the seller.


      I know about shopify and woocomerce etc. But, if possible, I would like the transaction to be done without passing over anything. Again, I want the money to go from the customer directly to the seller. Will I need to hire someone for coding an extension?


      Does anyone had a similar experience? If not I would really appreciate your thoughts, ideas and comments.


      Thank you for you time, waiting for responses.

      -Can Gurkan

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot directly transfer any money that way. You have to use some service or the bank's native API for any form of wire transfers or credit card handling. This is major mumbo-jumbo and requires quite a bit of experience plus of course you have to pay for this stuff, have your own certificates, be a trusted account with your bank and whatnot. So with all respect, unless you plan on creating the next version of PayPal or something like that, just completely forget about this idea. There's a reason why most web shops run on pre-configured systems and pay service fees to VISA, SWIFT et al for implementing their APIs.



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