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    Dreamweaver 2017 - what happened to Find & Replace window?

    lucianon49468952 Level 1



      First, I apologize if I I've overlooked something, however I can't get the new Find & Replace window working as in DW 2015.


      This is the new Find and Replace window:



      Where is the "Find All" button? There are many circumstances for which I really need to get a list of the occurrences found, even when searching within the current document only (for proper work-flow, it's not enough to just browse back and forth using the two arrows). As displayed below, the search result window remains totally empty, even if there are 11 occurrences found:




      I haven't found any way to undock the Find & Replace window, but it can be displayed only on top of the current document, taking lot of space. I really need to undock the Find and Replace window, and to drag it on a secondary monitor, to maximize editing space. This was perfectly possible in DW 2015, as displayed below:



      Please help!

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