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    Is it possible to change camera tracking data after the track?


      I'm doing a "drone" shot in a miniature set.  The set included models placed on a green screen, and the intent was to have a practical set with some photoshop matte painting elements.  Eventually, I decided to drop the practical elements, but keep the camera tracking data.  So, basically, I have a "real" camera move through a 100% virtual set.


      The whole thing looks great, except for the last couple of seconds.  I need to ever-s-slightly nudge the camera so that it's pointing where I need it to point.  However, the camera tacking data is all locked (in red) and I can't manipulate the values.


      I CAN manipulate the timing of the keyframes, and I've done that to tweak the camera's speed.  There seems to be no way to control facing, however.


      I could completely redo the camera move with a null object, but it would lose the "hand help" feel that I love so much.


      I'd appreciate any thoughts!