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    Event listener required or code fx?

    W_Bell Level 1
      I have the List and Loader component that has a 3 state zoom function. This works fine until I select a List item other than item 1. I also made a 2 state zoom that works fine when selecting all List items so I don't know why the code breaks when using a 3 state zoom function.

      I thought maybe I could use a listener for this but I am not sure how to apply it.

      Here is the code:
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          W_Bell Level 1
          I found a fix that works fine. If anybody can help me clean up the code that would be great.
          I would really like to use Listeners here but I don't know how to apply them.

          I guess this additional code works with the single variable because it fires after the previous conditions.
          Who would of thunk it?

          The fix to the above code was to add the following: