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    how to enable “add to favorites/whishlist” to custom liquid web app detail page

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      I’m trying to add a link “add to favorites” on a custom liquid web app detail page (without using the default detail template).

      I must be missing something because it won’t render on the details page view.

      (I'm using custom templates for different languages)


      I’ve used the examples from the docs


      https://docs.worldsecuresystems.com/user-manual/secure-zones/implementing-a-members-only-a rea-wishlist#add-favorite-link

      which are used on a module template.


      What I’ve done so far.


      1. created a page template


      2. created an include on the page template which retrieves the custom liquid template

        {% include"/Layouts/Custom/layouts/customLiquidTemplate.tpl" -%}


      3. inserted the code on the custom liquid template


        {tag_addtofavorites,, collection="favorites" template=""}


        {{ favorites | json }}



      4. result


        {tag_addtofavorites,, collection="favorites" template=""} null


      5. other test


        {% capture favorites -%}


        {tag_addtofavorites,/images/add.png,/images/remove.png }

        {% endcapture -%}

           {{ favorites | json }}

      6. result

      "\t{ tag_addtofavorites,/images/add.png,/images/remove.png }\n


      7. I also had a look at the Universalis BC template, but it doesn’t have a whish list/add to favorites enabled


      So, my questions are:

      What piece of the code am I missing?

      Can you use it only on a page where on the back-end-site the tags from “data” in the “toolbox” are available / visible?

      If yes, how can I implement an “add to favorites” on my page template in combination with a custom template?


      Thanks for any help.

      Kind regards,