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    How to lighten only red shadows?




      My camera has a jpeg color profile that I like a lot. Lightroom has almost an identical profile with the same name that was made by Adobe specifically for my camera. However I noticed that there is still a little difference between them - reds in jpeg photos have much less shadows. Everything else is almost the same.


      How is it possible to lighten only red shadows in Lightroom? HSL tab doesn't work well in this case because Hue, Saturation and Luminance are almost the same. It looks that I need to implement the Shadows instrument only for red shades. When I rise the Red curve in the Curves, reds looks almost the same way like in jpegs but the balance of other colors suffers (in jpegs the balance is good).


      So, please, help me to solve my problem.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This can't really be done in Lightroom - hue/sat works equally on all tonalities. IRC this is on the engineers' wishlist.


          In Photoshop it's pretty simple, using an inverted luminosity mask on an adjustment layer.

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            sky-er Level 1

            Thank you for your answer, D Fosse!

            Maybe it's still possible in the Lightroom's curves? When I am raising up the Red curve in the left end corner and in the middle, the reds look almost like in jpegs. However, other colors are also getting shifted by this correction. Maybe I should also move the Green and Blue curves somehow in order my correction of the Red curve to be neutral to other colors?