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    AE 12.2.1


      Hi All,


      I have installed Duik in my AE ver 12.2.1 and when I reopened AE, I was prompted these two windows :




      Then, AE forced me to save my AE project, then directed me here:




      When i select debug, I was prompted with some microsoft issue, which lags on me too.


      Any help will be appreciated.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Uninstall duik.

          Start AE and make sure it works.

          Do what the first alert tells you to do.

          Start AE and make sure it works.

          Reinstall duik.

          Start AE and make sure it works.


          Is there a reason you haven't updated to at least the CC 2014 release of AE? I mean, on Windows, I would recommend the CC 2017 release unreservedly, but AT LEAST go to the latest version of the old preview architecture (which is AE version 13.2.x also known as the CC 2014 release).