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    After Effects 2017 - Effects Lag when adjusting values

    Ajed Level 1

      After upgrading from 2015.3 to 2017 I noticed a consistent and annoying behavior.  When adjusting values for different effects, there is a noticeable "lag" from .5 sec to as long as 10 seconds at times where the mouse freezes, the processor spikes (not maxes but something is happening) and then it reverts to normal.  Previews all run fairly fluid and it only seems to be a problem when adjusting effects values.  This happens on third party or included plugins (levels) for example.


      I noticed the worst scenario was when I had VMWare 12.5.1 installed on the system, it would cause a solid 10 sec gap between adjustments, reverting back to a time when it wasn't installed, I still get the lag, but it's more tolerable at less than a second.  It's enough to interrupt my workflow though.  Also, when I open a project and make the first adjustment, the lag is almost imperceptible, but all adjustments afterwards the lag is present.  Strange.


      Also, when closing AE, I notice the mouse is very laggy when moving around the screen as if something is really bogging it down in the background, then once AE completely exists, everything is fine.  This is the only software that causes this issue and 2015.3 doesn't have it either.



      W7x64, 6800k OC 3.8, 64GB 2400 RAM (Quad channel), 950 Pro m.2 nvme, GTX 1070 (enabled), 950 Pro OS, 850 Pro Scratch Disk, Asrock Taichi MB

      Rapid store on disk cache SSD Drive, Intel Turbo boost 3.0 enabled, Pagefile 16GB.



      Effects used are Red Giant suites (all updated for 2017)


      Plexus 3


      I'm just asking if anyone else notices this behavior so I can help narrow down the cause or if it's another Adobe bug.