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    Books Downloaded on Tablet Do not Show on Windows 10 A.D.E??


      I have Windows 10 on my Laptop and have Adobe Digital Editions downloaded on it. I have an Insignia 10" Tablet that I use almost exclusively for reading books. I use Missiouri Libraries 2 Go.com, the source my Local Library has us use to download EPUB Books onto my Tablet. The only way to return downloaded books from my Tablet back to ML2Go is by using the Adobe Digital Edition on my Laptop.


      I have only been able to accomplish this task...once?!? I have been using A.D.E. for 6 months. The one time I was able to get all the books I had downloaded on my Tablet to appear in the A.D.E on my Laptop, I had to be signed into my gmail account and Adobe.com on both my Tablet and my Laptop.


      I have 4 books I wanted to return to the Library, so that I could checkout/download some new reading material, but, the books in my Library on my Tablet are not appearing in A.D.E. on my Laptop? I even Uninstalled A.D.E. on my Laptop and Reinstalled it. The same books...from back in September, are the only ones that appearing now, but not my most recent check outs.


      A.D.E. has, to me, been one of the most worthless and frustrating apps. I have ever had to deal with, even since from my earliest memory of first learning to use a computer 20 years ago! Missouri Library 2 Go allows you to check out books for 7 or 14 days. The option of 7 days can be not long enough if you have been waiting for a book on hold for a month, and have 5 or 6 others checked out when you finally get the book you have been waiting on. The 14 days is to long. If I am in a book reading mode, I can read the 7 book checkout limit in 7 days or less, and if I cannot use A.D.E. on my Laptop to return the books to the Library, then I am out of reading material until the book time limit runs out and the Library automatically takes it out of your checkout.

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          First, you need to have a Gmail account, so that you can sync your Adobe Digital Reader with your Gmail account. On your Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop you need to download Adobe Digital Editions. I use Missouri Libraries 2 Go as one of my main sources for downloading books to read.


          I know this sounds redundant, but not only do you have to download the EPUB books to your Tablet/Reading Device...you also have to download the books from the Library to your PC/Laptop. Then, if you need to return a book early all you have to do is go into Adobe Digital Reader on your PC or Laptop, click on Borrowed Books, then Right click on the book, and scroll down to return book.


          It took me 6 months to figure this out...how sad. I Truly Hope this Helps Someone Else...Thank You