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    open embdded links (attachemts) in PDF document at android phone



      i am using ACROBAT DC Pro. my PDF document contains many links embedded inside (as attachments).

      The procedure I used for adding the embedded links is:

                                                                                     1. Adding attachments files to document.

                                                                                     2 Creation link using the go to a page view to the attachment.

                                                                                     3. Click on the attachment.

                                                                                     3. Click on set link.

      I saved it and it work properly on computer. However, when I open the PDF document on mobile phone, I have a problem. Only IOS mobile phone (IPhone) with installed PDF expert 5 application (Readdle team) work properly and all the attachments were opened.

      However, when i tried to open the document on android phones, i did not succeed to open the attachments inside that embedded in PDF document (The links did not work). I tried many PDF applications on android phone, but did not find application that work properly (included purchased application).

      Is there any solution?

      Is there any problem with what I did?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Roiez65961323,


          Thanks for sharing the detailed information.

          Could you please confirm where did you save the actual document that you have created following the steps mentioned above?

          Is it saved on your computer or you have the document on share-drive that you can access from any device?


          • Because, if you have the document (links embedded inside) saved in your computer (to a particular location) then its is not going to open up in a same manner (links embedded inside would not be accessible)on any other device.
          • If you have the document saved on share-drive and still it doesn't work then please let us know, we would try to test the same at our end.




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            Hello Akki_24,

            Thank you for your respond.

            I saved my document in my computer and attached inside the document all my PDF files and embedded links to them.

            However, the document and the embedded links can be opened in my computer, in other computers and in IOS operation system phones as iphones (after install PDF expert application) but not on android phones.

            It seem to have a problem on androids phones. I tried many applications for PDF on android phones, and it did not work.

            p.s. I log in in other user, it is still me (Roiez65961323).