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    How to stretch workspace over two monitors?

    LariosoDog Level 1


      All applications not specifically designed for two monitor work, having undockable windows - you can always see to that not maximised windows and then just grab borders and extend workspace to second monitor. Like for ProTools as one.


      #1. PRE15 does not allow me to do that - why?

      It seems to figure out one monitor size and never let you exceed that.

      I can move workspace freely - but not size it larger.


      Is there a way around this?

      Very convenient to look at longer timeline with higher resolution.


      A setting you can hack in a settings file or something?


      I can though, put mixer on second monitor and put the full workspace on second - but not stretch size above done monitor.

      If I try to change window size the full workspace jumps to either monitor.


      #2. Can you undock and put video preview on second monitor?

      You could run video fullsize that way and keep workspace open for editing.