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    Manage Sites in Flash?

      I am creating a new website for my work, I am new to flash and I seem to have done something unexpected.

      I created a flash document, uploaded to my server bin, all went well. Until I noticed I wanted to change one of the words. So I made the changes and tried to update the flash document.

      I don't remember my exact steps but I found myself entering my ftp info and whatnot in the manage sites function of flash, thinking this would connect to my remote host and update the flash document.

      Now when I goto dreamweaver my files view is completely different. My site's root folder is no longer viewable in the files area. When I goto the manage sites the list is empty, no site folder. What did I do? I can find the sites folder in my FINDER but in dreamweaver I can't.

      What would the publish selection do in flash?