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    PUR binding saving artwork for print


      I am due to send artwork over to the printers tomorrow for a PUR bound book, following spec:


      40 page A5 booklet (landscape)

      4 pp page cover - 350 gsm silk

      42 pp inners - 170 gsm silk

      PUR bound


      I am not from a print background so this is my first book I have printed. I have a few questions:


      - How do I work out how much extra i need for the spine for the cover?

      - When the printer has said 4pp cover, do i supply this as 2 single pages ( first page is combined front and back with added spine, second page is reverse sides of the cover combined back and front with spine)?

      - Do i supply the pdf as single pages or spreads? If it is spreads how to do i save this for PUR binding so the pages are in the right order when put together?


      I will of course check everything with him in the morning but would just like some advice so I roughly know what is going on.


      Thanks for your help,