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    Slow import to Lightroom via DxO Optics Pro plugin

    Tom C68

      I'm using DxO Optics Pro 11 with Lightroom 3.6, 64bit versions of both under Windows 7 64 bit - latest available maintenance on all of them. (LR 3.6 because it runs under Linux/WINE which is probably where I'm heading after Windows 7 expires!)

      DxO provide a couple of plugins to send a file to Optics Pro & then back to Lightroom. It all more or less works!
      When I export from DxO back to LR a new filename shows up in the catalogue with the right pic in it - eventually! Eventually means after a delay of about 5 or 6 mins.

      If within that 5 or 6 mins I re-export the file from DxO back to LR the file shows up in the catalogue straight away. One of the exports is still around some place though, because it eventually complains that the file is already in the catalogue (as it is by then).

      Both LR & DxO behave fine apart from this. Manually importing files into LR is very quick.

      Has anyone come across this and/or how to fix it? Or failing that does anyone know where I can turn some logging on to get a more detailed picture of what's happening?