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    Application update error

    Matt Gifford Level 1
      Hi all

      We've never had this problem before, so are a little stumped.
      We have started getting the following error (in the .airappinstall.log file) when updating to a new release of our application:

      Starting app install of file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/mgifford/Desktop/BTX/html/BT_Exchanges_Presentation .air
      UI SWF load is complete
      UI initialized
      Unpackaging to C:\Documents and Settings\mgifford\Local Settings\Temp\fla333.tmp
      unpackaging is complete
      application is bound to side-by-side version 1.0
      application is bound to this version of the runtime
      app id com.bt.BTExchanges
      pub id 9F70DD6B6DEEBA74E0DACE1EA8317974585D92B2.1
      application not currently installed
      Waiting for user confirmation
      User confirmed action: install
      creating native installer in: C:\Documents and Settings\mgifford\Local Settings\Temp\fla334.tmp
      native installer creation complete
      Starting install
      Destination for installed application is C:\Program Files
      stateInstalling: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Unhandled exception Error: App already exists" errorID=5007]
      starting cleanup of temporary files
      application installer exiting

      If anyone can help, we would greatly appreciate it.

      Many thanks,

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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          You probably signed the new app. with a different certificate:

          application not currently installed

          This means the new app. is not the same as the one you have installed.
          So when you install the new one (instead of updating the old one), it conflicts with the old one.

          You can remove the old one first, before you can install the new one.
          Or find the old certificate and sign the new app again.

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            Matt Gifford Level 1
            Hi Tzeng

            thanks for your reply.
            We havent changed the certificate at all, so we're really stumped and still scratching our heads.
            Any other ideas?


            Many thanks.
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              tzeng Adobe Employee
              Have you changed your app id:

              You can check if you have changed your certificate or not by checking the publishid file (you can find it inside the META-INF/AIR folder after installation). Both versions should have the same publisherid and application ID.