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    Mindgrammar pro cc add-on


      Hi Folks,


      I have recently upgraded to CC2107 and my mindgrammar pro cc add-on does not seem to be installed now.


      I have tried removing it through the Add-on site which apparently it the correct method, but it just keeps giving me a general error that it cannot be removed.


      When I try to re-install it, it just does nothing.


      Although I know the extension manager should not be used, I gave it a shot and it told me I have the wrong version of Indesign.


      The problem is that the books I am creating used the Mindgrammar pro cc plug-in and it will let me open the documents after warning me that the mindgrammar add-on is not available.


      The real problem is no matter what I do with the book, it will not let me update the number or the cross-referencing.


      I have tried to get an answer from adobe, but as usual it seems we have to sort this out ourselves, once again.


      I am really pushed to get these books finished but I cannot under the current circumstances.


      Please help