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    InDesig crashing on startup

    KnoTho Level 1

      I use InDeign ily about once a month. Today was supposed to be on of those days. On startig up InDesign CC2015.3, which worked flawlessly a few weeks ago´, It crashed. Re tried 5 times to no avail.


      Since the Update to CC 2017 was availabe I upgraded.


      Still crashing on startup.


      Checked the community and tried:

      1. Uninstalling (deleting prefs) ad reinstalling - to no avail.

      2. Resetting preferences (shift+ctrl+alt) on startup - to no avail

      3. Deleting cache folder in Local and Roaming trees - to no avail.

      4. Checked for fonts with special characters in tehir name - none found.

      5. Re-Installed CC 2015 - started up ONCE, crashed when I tried to close welcome screen and keeps crashing now...


      I NEED a solution by tomorrow. I NEED TO WORK. this is unacceptable.

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          Pragya Kandari Adobe Employee



          Apologies for you trouble.

          Please share with us the crash dump for CC 2015 and CC 2017 both to debug the issue.

          You can follow the following steps to generate the crash dump:

          1) Start Task Manager. To do this, use one of the following methods:

          • Right-click an empty area of the task bar, and then click Start Task Manager.

          • Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.


          2) Click the Processes tab.

          3) Right-click the name of the process that you want, and then click Create Dump File.

          Note: If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue.


          A dump file for the process is created in the following folder:

          Drive: \Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp

          4) When you receive a message that states that the dump file was successfully created, click OK.

          Share the dump file created with steps above with us using Dropbox or any other file storage and sharing system with pkandari@adobe.com.


          Repeat the steps above for the other ID version which is crashing.


          After that, please restart your machine and try resetting the preferences once again on launching  CC 2015.3 as well as CC 2017.


          Thanks and Regards

          Pragya Kandari


          InDesign Engineering Team