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    iPAD: All my photos edited on LR Mobile accidentally deleted when Installing LR Desktop. Backup on iPad?


      Hi guys,


      I have a Creative Cloud account and I am mostly editing all my pics on my iPad Pro which works beautiful!

      I also Synced once with my MacBook laptop but Im not using LR there cause its an old machine and iPad does a better work.

      Since I bought a new MBP yesterday, I installed LR (and all other Adobes) there....

      As It was not syncing, I read an advice (probably misread it) saying that you should say YES when asked to eliminate the previous catalogues in order to create the new ones...

      Now everything is gone.

      How can I restore my catalogues in my iPad.... the new machine has obviously no previous backup file and I assume the iPad should but I have no idea how/where to find it...

      Maybe on my Creative Cloud?


      Please help! I have all my RAW files properly stored on external drives but all my work editing them for my last 3 professionals trip is gone.


      Thank you!