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    How to retrieve large size facebook profile picture with facebookConnectPlugin

    sarahm4253473 Level 1



      I am using the phonegap facebookConnectPlugin within my app.

      I am succesfully making api calls to retrieve user facebook data in the following way


      facebookConnectPlugin.api('/me?fields=id, email, name, link, picture', ["public_profile"],function(data) {

             var fb_user_id = data.id;

             var fb_email = data.email;

             var fb_name = data.name;

             var fb_picture_url = data.picture.data.url;

             var fb_user_link = data.link;


      however this only returns the thumbnail size profile picture of the user.


      I would like to retrieve a larger size however nothing seems to be working. I have tried the following and nothing gets returned.


      facebookConnectPlugin.api("/me/picture?type=large", ["public_profile"], function(response) {

             var fb_picture_url = response.data.url;



      can u help please? thanks