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    Dark shadows after upgrading Lightroom Catalog


      I was successful in transferring my Lightroom files from the old computer to the new one.  I appreciate the very helpful advice I received from the Adobe community.  But after the successful transfer, I have another issue which is puzzling and frustrating.  Some background:  I am using the same monitor with my new computer and I calibrate the monitor regularly.  I have not changed any settings on the monitor.  I have Photoshop CS5 on both the old and new computer.  I had Lightroom 4.0 on the old computer and upgraded to Lightroom 6.0 on the new computer.  Here is the problem.  When Lightroom upgraded my catalog, I noticed that for all my images, the color was pretty accurate.  Highlights and midtones looked quite good.  But shadow areas were inky black.  It was like everything from Zone III to Zone 0  got crunched together with almost no gradation.  To my  knowledge, the only variable that changed in transferring my photos is that Lightroom upgraded my catalog from 4.0 to 6.0.  I thought at first that color spaces might be an issue.  Lightroom 4.0 and 6.0 were both set to ProPhoto RBG.  My "old" Photoshop CS5 was set to ProPhoto RBG, but the "new" Photoshop CS5 was set to sRBG at the time I transferred my photos.  Changing the color space in CS5 after I transferred the photos made no changes in the images.  My questions are:


      1.  Is what I experienced with inky shadows normal in upgrading from Lightroom 4.0 to 6.0?  Did Adobe somewhere along the way decide to change the black saturation point in Lightroom or something like that?


      2. If the inky shadows are not normal when upgrading the catalog, what did I do wrong in the transfer process and how can I fix it?


      3.  If inky shadows are inevitable in upgrading the catalog from Lightroom 4.0 to 6.0, If I started over, is there anything I could reasonably do to my photos which would compensate for what is going to happen when I upgrade the catalog?  I ask because, I can probably correct the shadows in my digital files in the RAW format.  But I can already tell that some images scanned from slides and negatives would need to be scanned again.


      Thanks very much for your help!