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    Why is Ch position my head/arms randomly after I made changes in Ai?

    Petventh21 Level 1

      Hi, my apologies if other had brought this up already but since I couldn't find it in the Forum, I figured I'll start this Thread and see if anyone can help.


      Sometime when I made changes in the main Illustrator File (say I add a new arms), when i switched to Character Animator, it just position some of my layers weird in some random position.

      Here's a screen shot of the file in Illustrator


      Here's what it looked like in Character Animator

      Ch 1.PNG

      Now I know you can fix it by dragging all the different parts of the body back to the correct position but I want to know if there's a way to prevent this from happening in the first place. I should also mention that this only  happened to independence layers that had the symbol in the layer name.

      I had this problem whenever I add some new layers to the hand/head or the body in Ch Preview 3, 4 and CC 2017 (Beta).


      If anyone had any idea on how to prevent this from happening, I'll greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you.