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    Adobe CC for Students in Poland



      I know there is a lot of FAQ's etc. but I just want to refresh this thread and ask about something.

      I'm from Poland, on Adobe's page everything is in my language (everything except information on main page about fact, that this offer is not available to this country). Few weeks ago I decided to buy 'Adobe CC for Students' because there is a lot of new features and finally I have money to buy it.

      I prepared school documents, transfer money to paypal and... I found an information that this is NOT available in my country...



      I just want to give you money! Why don't you want my money!?

      Is it possible to answer me the question without giving me a link to FAQ/other threads: When Adobe let polish students buy their products?

      Anyways, if I try to buy this offer, page let me go further, but I'm not sure how it works, because what if I will pay 20€ and Adobe will say to me: You are from Poland, so... NOPE! There is no Adobe CC for you!


      Have a good day.