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    AIR databse and amfphp

      Hey there,
      I'm developing an AIR app for my company at the moment. It's a "simple"project manager.
      That's my first time using AIR so there's a lot of thing I dunno yet. So out of habit I used amfphp to interact with a databse, because I didn't know about the built in functionalities of database management in AIR.
      I had a look at it but it seems like you can only connect to a databse on the local computer.
      My problem is I want my app to connect to a DB online so all the user share the same data ( about projects, clients ) so i'm not sure how i could do that with local DB.
      So amfphp would work there, but is it the best solution? Is there a better way?
      To summarize, I have an app managing projects, clients and users. It reads a dabase with all the info in it, and I want all the users of that app to use the same source for in the data.
      What's the best way to go?
      Thanks :)
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          anirudhs Level 2

          AIR has built-in support for SQLite databases on the same machine. This is intended for persisting information on the client (air app).

          If you have multiple clients, connecting to a DB online via amfphp / blazeds or web service, http service etc is the way to go. Though you can add offline capabilities to your app by detecting if you are offline and then writing to the sqlite db. Then once you detect being online, sync your local db with your server db via another php script.