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    How to automatically link all pages to renamed stylesheet with cache busting parameter?

    Fubals Level 2

      This is really bugging me as Dreamweaver won't let you do it automatically.


      If i try and rename my stylesheet from e.g style.css to style.css?v=1 dreamweaver won't let you add in the ? character.

      If I rename it outside of dreamweaver and then use change links site wide function to link all my pages to the cache busting css file style.css?v=1

      It goes through the process of saying that all the pages are updated but they dont actually update at all.


      I could manually go into each site page and change the link to the stylesheet with the parameter but thats time consuming, why isn't there an automated way of doing this DW? Other web editors allow me to change my css file name with the parameter and update automatically... How can I achieve this in DW?


      Please help me this driving me insane!