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    Questions for developers


      I have two questions about long standing issues with InDesign:


      The first is why is there a maximum document size, and if this might be lifted in future as it's quite a small document size.


      Second is when working on perfect bind documents you need to be able to do the cover as a single PDF that is the back, front and spine in one document. Normally you end up doing this separately but that means that left and right pages are either messed up or you have to have blank pages.


      Basically with both of these questions there are hacks to get around the issues, but they seem relatively simple to fix:


      First remove the limit or set it to 50 meters rather than 5.4 meters for example.


      Second a special page cover page, and custom page sizes per page.


      Sorry for posting here but I wasn't sure how else to reach your team.