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    Returned books are actually not returned

    philippebruno Level 1

      Adobe Digital Editions When I return borrowed books, they disappear from Digital Editions but when I log to my library, they are not returned and I have to wait for their default expiration before I can borrow another item again. Usually not a big deal, but I sometimes want to return a book ahead of time for various reasons (it could be boring, not what I expected, etc.). In that case, I feel taken as a hostage by Digital Editions because I have to wait twenty some days before I can borrow again.


      I tried uninstalling Digital Editions, and reinstalling it. Same problem.

      I tried erasing my authorization, and authorize again. Same problem.

      I tried erasing my authorization, create a new Adobe ID, and authorize with new ID, same problem.


      I contacted my library and they said I am not the only one experiencing this type of problem, but they don't know what to do as it is apparently in "Adobe's hands."


      A frustrated user.