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    Shopify checkout getting "404 Error File not Found"


      I built an e-commerce site, www.shoppitterpatter.com, and using Shopify for the shopping cart.  Everything was working perfectly and just recently starting getting an error when you add something to the cart and click "check out."


      I have contacted Shopify and they said it sounds like a problem with the host.  I have contacted BlueHost and they say it seems to be a problem with the html created by Shopify.  I am really hoping someone can view the html and see if you see anything weird.  I'm not certain what I need to attach so I have attached a screen shot of the error and the code that creates the "Add to Cart" buttons.  Here is a link to the Muse file.


      Add to cart html generated from Shopify:


      <div data-embed_type="product" data-shop="pitter-patter-childrens-boutique.myshopify.com" data-product_name="Owl Appliqué Legging Set" data-product_handle="owl-applique-legging-set" data-has_image="false" data-display_size="compact" data-redirect_to="cart" data-buy_button_text="Add to cart" data-buy_button_out_of_stock_text="Out of Stock" data-buy_button_product_unavailable_text="Unavailable" data-button_background_color="fbff92" data-button_text_color="000000" data-product_modal="false" data-product_title_color="000000" data-next_page_button_text="Next page"></div>

      <script type="text/javascript">

      document.getElementById('ShopifyEmbedScript') || document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="https://widgets.shopifyapps.com/assets/widgets/embed/client.js" id="ShopifyEmbedScript"><\/script>');


      <noscript><a href="https://pitter-patter-childrens-boutique.myshopify.com/cart/26230043656:1" target="_blank">Buy Owl Appliqué Legging Set</a></noscript>



      Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 6.10.41 PM.png