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    LR reseting all adjustment every time I save picture in PS (After updating ACR 9.7)



      Hey everyone, I update my lightroom and photoshop cc 2015 now I have camera raw 9.7 which I believe is the latest one, after updating I am facing very annoying problem which wasn’t there before.



      When I use edit in photshop feature in LR. Photoshop open my file but when I save it, its reset all my adjustments in LR for that picture.


      My work flow:

      I usually make all my color correction and adjustments in LR on the copy of image which created when you do edit in photshop, and use photoshop only for skin clearness and dodge and burn etc but not color correction. Now when ever I save my file after dodge and burn or etc in photoshop LR automatically reset all my adjustment to 0. Its very very annoying since I like to work back and forth in LR PS.


      I checked the some problem is happening on my laptop and Desktop only after upgrade



      Please Please help me


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