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    GPU Upgrade

    BernardDigital Level 2

      The GTX 1080 8GB is not supported yet but I know support will be soon...


      Has anyone been using one? How is it? How does it compare to the Quadro M4000 8GB?


      Both the GTX1080 (pascal) and the M4000 (maxwell) are about the same price with the Titian X (pascal) 12GB being about $650 more


      Which one to get is the question or maybe its a mute point since adobe does not render very fast anyway...

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a few native effects in AE that use the GPU to accelerate them, but not many. Now, if you use third-party effects like Element, it makes a much bigger difference.


          In general, the Quadro cards are overpriced for the horsepower you get. They are intended for stability during long and sustained calculations processes - not so much for rendering. It's generally considered better bang for the buck with a GTX.