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    Stall upon startup after 6 weeks of disuse

    Lew at Chyron
      Large, ongoing output to HTML Help project. As above, I haven't touched this thing in six weeks while on another, non RH project.


      -Opening the basic workspace took over 5 minutes. (Project Manager, Single Source Layouts, Topic List and large central pane to view Topic documents being edited.)

      -Some 10-12 minutes later, Wait cursor still alternating with standard cursor, and RoboHelp title bar reads "Not Responding" when I try to open or do anything.

      Will need to update documentation for a new release of our product, and ACTUALLY PRODUCE NEW ONLINE HELP sometime this week. I CANNOT HAVE THIS THING GO BAD ON ME. No time to rebuild, reassemble, re-anything.

      My computer has suffered no traumas, the project folder has not been moved or even looked at cross-eyed. Project folder is on a local drive, not a server on a network (learned that lesson long ago).

      This project cannot act like a car that hasn't been started in too long.

      HELP! Sorry if this sounds panicky -- IT IS!